Financial Counselling

promotes and encourages community spirit by providing a range of support and advocacy, generating equal access to society’s resources.

Are you finding it difficult to pay your bills?

From time to time, many people find themselves struggling to buy food, pay the rent or mortgage and can be juggling numerous debts. If you’re in this situation, a financial counsellor can help you understand your options so that you can get back on your feet.

Financial Counselling is one of our free, confidential services available to support people experiencing financial difficulties, financial crisis, or debt.

Our Financial Counsellors can:

  • Help you to understand your rights and responsibilities (including consumer rights)
  • Help you explore options to manage financial difficulties
  • Conduct a full assessment of your financial situation, including regular income and expenditure, assets and liabilities
  • Information and options for change and improvement
  • Advocate on your behalf and negotiate with debt collectors. This can prevent harassment calls
  • Advocate on your behalf and negotiate with banks and other lenders
  • Provide information regarding National Hardship Register
  • Information on credit laws, the debt recovery process, pre-insolvency advice, bankruptcy and other areas of legislation (law)

They can also: 

  • Offer budget counselling and information sessions
  • Advise and assist with problems related to debt and dealing with debt enforcement
  • Assist with concessions, grant eligibility and referrals for material aid       
  • Assist with lodging complaints to external dispute resolution services    
  • Refer to other community, health and legal services  


What more info? Want to book an appointment?

 Please contact Lee Wilde:

There are free financial counselling services in every State and Territory in Australia. 

Our financial counselling service has been available since 2010 and is funded by

the Department of Family and Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FACSIA).

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