Open day at Watanobbi Community Centre - free budgeting workshop, trivia, and an event for young people

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Watanobbi Community Centre (near Wyong) will be having an open day tomorrow, Wednesday 5th April 2017 between 1pm and 5pm. (Google map)

There will be events for both adults and young people.

As part of that, the Phoenix Youth Support team will be there facilitating educational activities for “Hump Day,” a day during Youth Week (a tongue-in-cheek name—we didn’t come up with it!) that aims to raise awareness about sexual health, safer sex, and healthy relationships.

Our team of youth workers will be there to answer questions from young people, parents, and carers about sexual health, as well as sharing information about the Condom Credit Card program by Family Planning that allows young people access to free condoms and information about sexual health and contraception from qualified youth workers.


Concerns about young people having access to condoms? 

We hear you! However, research indicates that there isn’t a link between giving out condoms and an increase in sexual activity, and it may actually result in increased condom use by young people who are already sexually active. [1] [2] So that’s good to know!

We don’t encourage young people to be sexually active, but if they choose to be (or already are), we want them to be informed so that they can do it in a safer, respectful way that looks after themselves and other people, while being mindful of the consequences.



Young people and can drop by Watanobbi Community Centre anytime between 1pm and 5pm. (Google map

For more information, see the flier below or phone Rebecca on: 0413 744 229




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