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About the project

Art on the Hill is the art service currently under the auspices of Wyong Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

Art on the Hill follows an ethos of providing skills and professional development opportunities to the regions emerging artists and young people, through mentoring, employment, training and education.
Art on the Hill was officially launched in November 2012, with the support of Darren Webber (NSW State Government local member), Wyong Shire Council, Gosford City Council and ArtsNSW.

The aim of Art on the Hill is to implement a diverse range of projects, workshops, forums, and programs which assist with the progression and sustainability of an artist’s and young person’s career prospects affiliated with the creative industries.
A new component which will be introduced to Art on the Hill, will be project development initiatives connected to children 2 to 5 years of age. Watch this space for further updates or visit Art on the Hill’s Facebook page

The Art Cart
The Art Cart, our van that functions as a fully equipped mobile visual art studio



Current Projects 

We are proud to announce our success of receiving annual funds through ArtsNSW throughout three consecutive years. This funding will assist with further strategic development towards the sustainability of Art on the Hill.

For information about our current projects and upcoming events, see the Art on the Hill Events page

Our partners


  •  outreach art and wellbeing project throughout six schools on the Central Coast
  • Make Your Mark art exhibition

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation logo - thanks to the for supporting Art on The Hill


  • Funding for the The Art Cart, a van that functions as a fully equipped mobile visual art studio

Benevolent Society logo


  • Theraputic art at Northlakes Public School



  • Theraputic art at Northlakes Public School
  (this page is currently being updated. Previous partnerships not yet added will be added soon) 



Previous Projects

In support of Art on the Hill’s on-ground initiatives, we received funds through Gosford City Council, The Benevolent Society, and formed a strong partnership with Wyong TAFE (outreach). In association with these funds and partnerships, we implemented a series of projects, including the employment of five artists to facilitate these projects. These include:

RSPCA Mural Project

This project has employed experienced and renowned public artist Suzanne Holman. Suzanne will be facilitating workshops throughout Peats Ridge Public School and Somersby Public School, to create a mural piece throughout the RSPCA centre based in Somersby. This is a collaborative project between the two participating schools, Art on the Hill and the RSPCA.

  • Funded by: Gosford City Council
  • Artist(s) involved: Suzanne Holman
  • Partners: RSPCA, Peats Ridge Public School, Somersby Public School

Eco Art Project

Due to its success, this project has received additional funds through the Benevolent Society to facilitate a series of eco-art and ephemeral art throughout public schools based in the 2261 area of Wyong Shire. As part of this project, four artists have been employed to administer skill development workshops associated with arts based practices connected to environmental art. This project is also in partnership with Tuggerah Lakes Community College.
  • Funded by: Benevolent Society
  • Artist(s) involved: Fiona Doyle, Catherine McEwen, Russell Way, Sandy James
  • Partners: Tuggerah Lakes Community College and various primary schools throughout Wyong Shire

Community Cultural Development Course

This course was developed by the art services coordinator in support of an artists’ career and further educational prospects related to the community arts field. In regards to its implementation, a partnership has been formed and maintained with TAFE, with the course taking place within an accredited stream in February 2013.
  • Tutor: Kiera O’Toole (tutor)
  • Partners: Wyong TAFE Outreach

For more information about
 any of these programs or upcoming events, please contact Art on the Hill’s Art and Culture Coordinator, Tina: 
For updates, visit the Art on the Hill Facebook page
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